8 Items You Can not Put in a Storage Unit because they are not safe

Storage units are safe to pack your luggage when you are leaving your old house and moving to the new one, which is like your dream house. Or sometimes, you are shifting your office while packing valuable things in storage units. Yet there are some Items You Can not Put in a Storage Unit or if you put them, then you should definitely have to face some loss. So you should be cautious about putting the things in the storage units that you should put in or what should not.

Have A Look At The 8 Items You Can not Put in a Storage Unit 

There are many things that are delicate and can never be put in storage units and if you put them, they can easily be damaged. Movers and packers in Abu Dhabi also suggest something not to place in storage boxes, even if they are self-storage boxes or disposable temporary storage boxes. So if you want to know what Items You Can not Put in a Storage Unit, then this blog is going to be very useful for you. The list of items that movers are not allowed to put in storage boxes are;

Food Items

Food Items

The food items you should never put in storage boxes. Food items need containers that are fully sealed and air cannot pass through the containers. Simple storage units give a chance for mold and fungus to grow and this can destroy your food and completely contaminate it. If you don’t have climate control units for storage, then it is totally unsafe to put your food in containers because you have to waste it in the end when you reach your new house.

Money and Expensive Items

Money and Expensive Items can not put in storage unit

The Items You Can not Put in a Storage Unit are money and expensive things. You should never place your money in the storage units because it is completely a foolish act because, during the shifting of your house or office, these units can be misplaced. There are also some chances that some other family member put flammable or wet things in the same storage box and this can waste all your money if anything accidentally happens with these objects.

Expensive things like ornaments, passports, watches, licenses, and valuable documents should never be kept in storage boxes because these units are not safe for these types of items. If you are using simple boxes there are many chances that moisture could enter units and your costly items could be damaged. So it is always a wise decision to not put these types of items in storage units.

Wet Items

Wet Items can not put in storage units

Wet items can be dangerous in your storage units because they are not only harmful for themselves but also for other items in the same storage box. So while packing your material, you check that if any of the material is wet and you should dry it. Check the bottom of the objects if there are some drops of water because you place something at the wet surface and then to the storage box.

Do you know furniture, clothes, leather objects, and shoes can easily damage through water. So it is the most important trick to dry all your objects with a dry cloth so there is no chance of water getting trapped in your storage box.

Combustible Things

Combustible Things can not put in storage unit

Items You Can not Put in a Storage Unit are the Things like chemicals, gasoline, grease, oils, and other objects that are very comfortable with fire and can increase fire are completely prohibited to put in storage units. These items can cause exploding or a big fire that not only destroys the material in these storage units but fire can also increase to other storage units and this can ruin all your shifting process and you have to face a great loss.

So if you want to protect yourself from a big loss, then it is always safe not to carry flammable things with you because even a sharp ray of sunlight and heat can cause a fire in oils and grease. Be conscious while you are packing things, so you never put these types of material in your storage units.

Illegal Stuff

Illegal Stuff can not put in storage unit

It is sure that you can’t put something that is not legally allowed into your storage boxes. Illegal material includes prohibited drugs, smuggled things, stolen material, vehicles that are unregistered, prohibited alcohol, and others. These things are not only illegal but also immoral to move with you. This can not only put you in danger but also the movers and packers’ company. You can go to jail if the traveling company sues you. So please avoid these things in your storage units.


Plants should not put in storage unit

Plants are the Items You Can not Put in a Storage Unit because these are the most beautiful thing in your house, and you must have an attachment with them. They give a beautiful natural look to your place, so people always think to carry their plants with them to their new place. If you are also thinking of carrying your plants with you, then they must not be placed in storage boxes because they can easily be dried there.

In storage boxes, there is no sunlight and comfortable air so from where your plants get carbon dioxide and sunlight, and there are 80% chances that they become wilt. So you should always avoid placing plants in containers.


Animals should not put in storage unit

Animals include your pets like cats, dogs, reptiles, fishes, and birds at your home. People love their pets as they love their children. So we warn you not to place your dear pet in the storage boxes because most probably there is suffocation in these units and it can lead your pet to death. So if you want to safely move your pet to your new house, then you must carry them in your own car.

Perfumes or Scents

Perfumes or Scents should not put in storage unit

You should never place your expensive perfumes in storage boxes because during your shifting, perfume bottles can be broken and it will cause a mess for you. And if you are not informed at the right time, it can also destroy all the other things in your storage unit.

Scents are also not allowed to be put in units because they can attract rats towards them and if a rat finds its way into your storage unit, it is all destruction.


We have listed 8 Items You Can not Put in a Storage Unit, Sorry if I scared you of these prohibited things that are very common in homes but it is the reality and you should avoid all these things. If you are still confused, then you can also hire movers Abu Dhabi to assist you in packing your material.

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